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The one stop shop for the highest quality Seashell Accessories and Jewellery at pocket friendly prices.

The Company

SeaShell Accessories was founded in 2016. We specialize in the design and production of seashell accessories ranging from puka shell necklace to gold and silver bracelets and anklets and many more other delightful puka shell jewellery.

Puka shells originally were naturally occurring bead-like objects which can be found on some beaches. Then these natural beads were made into necklaces. We started SeaShell Accessories because we saw that there was a gap in the market, people who loved and cherished seashell accessories couldn’t find a place to get high-quality accessories and we decided to responsibly source and create handmade seashell jewellery.

The original all-natural puka shells were very easily made into necklaces, bracelets, and anklets because they were naturally pierced, which enabled them to be strung like beads. So we collect these natural shells and hand make them into something beautiful and eye-catching making sure the original properties of these seashells are safe.

Our Mission

We are a company of a small team of seashell lovers with the vision and mission to help people find all types of seashell accessories in one shop, for all sea shell and puka shell lovers. And most importantly for the purpose of providing a website to high-quality rare seashell accessories.

We are a brand that attaches great importance to quality and beautifully designed seashell accessories. So feel comfortable and relaxed, sip a cup of coffee little by little if you like and just stroll around our world of handmade seashell accessories you will surely fall in love with one.

Our Vision

The be a premier brand that creates, designs and supplies high quality seashell accessories to seashell lovers around the world and to be a customer centric business that is eco-friendly.

SeaShell Accessories

We’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. Here at seashell accessories, we sell the latest accessories trend of seashell jewelry from necklaces to earrings to clutches, etc. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. We could all use a little memento of the beach in our daily lives, and if a stringed necklace, anklets or any other seashell accessories made up of shells, is the way to do it, well, we’re here for it. Puka shells are climbing their way back, so maybe it’s time we give seashell jewelry a little reconsideration. Once you’ve checked and bought some of our elegant crafts and used the superb quality, you would be convinced that we sell nothing but premium items and that would only make you want to shop for more. 

We put in lots of effort into making sure our beautiful shell beaded choker necklace is as original as it can be. They react well to water and can be worn on the beach and in the ocean, however, we do recommend removing any jewelry before swimming in the surf. They are the perfect gift idea for your lover, daughter, friends, family, and coworkers. With natural items made from smooth seashells, it can give your outfit a special island flair. Every item on our puka shell accessories shop is hand-strung with care.  This accessory works well for men and women and is fashionable enough to be worn with casual outfits as well as semi-formal attire. 

4,000+ Happy Customer

4,000+ Happy Customer

Ensuring our customers are always happy comes first to our brand. We will continue to ensure we create more happy customers.

Highest Quality

Highest Quality

We only source and list the highest quality Seashell jewelries and accessories and this is our brand guarantee.

3 Years of Experiences

3 Years of Experiences

The Seashell market is quite niche, so in the beginning, we made a lot of mistakes but what makes us strong today is past mistakes and continuous improvements.


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